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Organii eco-friendly plasters kids
Organii eco-friendly plasters pack of 20
Organii eco-friendly plasters pack of 45
Organii eco-friendly plasters pack of 20 kids
Organii eco-friendly plasters kids
Organii eco-friendly plasters
Organii eco-friendly plasters


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Made with organic cotton, ORGANii Patches are designed to be gentle on the skin while helping to protect cuts, grazes, lumps and bumps - providing long lasting care while allowing the skin to breathe. 

Conventional Plasters

May be impregnated with disinfectant

May contain cotton grown using chemical fertilisers

May contain cotton treated with herbacides or fungacides

May contain chemically bleached cotton

ORGANii Patches

Dermatologically tested

100% organic cotton backing

100% organic cotton pad

Are delicate and allow the skin to breath

Suitable for vegans

Free from chemical bleaching, irradiation and disinfectants

Plastic-free and recyclable - the patch envelope is made of neutral paper with a natural rubber based cold-sealing system. The protective paper covering the patches adhesive and cotton pad is made from Glassine - a 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper with a thin layer of silicon material. 

Available in different options:

Mixed organic cotton patches (45): contains twenty 7x2cm, twenty 6x2cm and five 10x6cm

Kids patches (20): contains twenty 7x2cm

Organic cotton patches (20): contains twenty 7x2cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Not quite what I hoped for

The box has various shapes of plaster on the outside, there are however only 3 types in the box.
The plasters are wrapped in shiny paper, I've not been able to find out from the box or the company website if this is recyclable, so I've had to assume not as most paper either any shine isn't.
The plasters are ok if you are putting them somewhere that they wont get knocked or rubbed such as on your foot under a dock, but if you put them somewhere like your hand there isnt enough stick in the glue to keep them on and they curl up and come off.
A bit disappointed overall.

Hi Elinor. Many thanks for your review and we're sorry you're a bit disappointed overall. We will take your feedback on board and update the information on the website to be clear about the sizes included and a bit more detail about the product. They are actually plastic-free - the patch envelope is made of neutral paper, and the protective layer covering the patches adhesive is made from glassine - a 100% recyclable and biodegradable paper with a thin layer of silicon material. Thanks again.