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Little Suds Soap shampoo bundle
Little Suds shampoo stick Bergamot Burst
Little Suds shampoo stick Coconut Crown
Little Suds shampoo stick Wonderful Waves

Shampoo bar bundle

Little Suds Soap
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This little shampoo bar bundle from Little Suds Soap contains three luxurious, nourishing, vegan-friendly stick shampoo bars handmade in the UK by Little Suds Soap. 

Packed with conditioning additives like Aloe Vera and filled with essential oils they lather well, producing a rich and nourishing foam that your hair will love! Each stick contains an essential oil or fragrance that boasts its own health enhancing and mood boosting properties.

Little Suds Soap are a small UK business that makes beautifully handcrafted soap and shampoo bars. All of their items are entirely handmade, from the shampoos themselves to the packaging, and they use only the finest ingredients sourced from like-minded UK suppliers.

The individual shampoo sticks are wrapped in a biodegradable, 100% compostable cellulose wrap and are then sealed with a paper label. Simply packaged in tissue paper and string.


Palm-oil free



Natural ingredients

Each soap stick is approximately 25g

Free from Parabens, Silicones and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


Rub shampoo stick directly onto wet hair to create a rich creamy lather. Work lather into hair and then rinse well, as you would with your usual shampoo. Let your shampoo stick dry well after each use to maximise life of the stick.

When switching to a solid shampoo that contain no nasty substances your scalp will take time to adjust to the lack of silicone and other chemicals that are usually deposited on your hair. Your scalp will need time to re-learn how much natural oil to produce to keep your hair naturally soft and supply now it is chemical free. This process normally takes around 2 – 3 weeks and will hopefully eliminate the need for additional conditioners. Solid shampoo can take a little getting used too but bear with it it will be worth it in the end!

For more info on the transition to natural shampoo and conditioner bars, read our blog on Natural shampoo bars - how to manage the transition.  

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This lovely little set contains one of each of the following shampoo bars:

Bergamot Burst – Filled with a pure Sicilian Bergamot Essential Oil known for its antifungal properties this little stick will help to maintain a healthy head of hair and a dandruff free scalp. Due to their size and solid form our shampoo sticks are absolutely perfect for travelling.

Coconut Crown Shampoo Stick – If you like coconuts you’ll love this little stick. The conditioning properties within will help moisturise & nourish your hair after a long day in the sun while the beautiful aroma of tropical fragrance oil will remind you of your holiday long after you have returned.

Wonderful Waves Shampoo Stick – Carry the scent of a sea breeze with you wash after wash. Contains Aloe Vera to calm & soothe your hair. Scented with a Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil perfect for reminding you of long days at the beach. No leaks, little weight, space saving and no single use plastic bottle to worry about, Perfect!

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