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The SHO Food Flask has been tried and tested, and can be used to keep food hot or cold, including soups, salads, pasta, porridge, fruit and even ice cream! You can put virtually any food or liquid in your SHO Food Flask.

This 800ml flask will hold enough food for you and a good friend, family member, or loved one. Or for a lovely family ice cream outing!

The SHO Food Flask keeps food and liquids cold for 18-24 hours or hot for 8-12 hours.

Founded in 2014, SHO are a friendly brand who offer colourful, stylish and exciting reusable products which do what they promise to do. They have principles too, with their business purpose focusing on improving people’s lives. They take this further by donating 10% of their annual profits on a yearly basis to Mary’s Meals, helping feed and educate children less fortunate than ourselves.

Available in two colours.

How To Use The SHO Food Flask

For best results, please pre-heat/ pre-cool you SHO Food Flask with boiling water/ ice cold water for 5-10 minutes. Fill and then close the lid. Empty after 10 minutes. Be careful not to spill boiling water.

For maximum heat retention, fill your SHO Food Flask completely with food or liquids. Empty space will result in less efficient heat retention. When ready to eat from your SHO Food Flask (if using for hot meals), be sure to press the steam release button on the inner flask lid.

For best results, please ensure that your food or liquid is heated sufficiently prior to insertion into the SHO Food Flask.

User discretion is advised when using the SHO Food Flask with foods or liquids that can spoil easily. Do not store food or liquids in the SHO Food Flask for long periods.

Make sure the SHO Food Flask is thoroughly cleaned and dried between uses and store with the lid off. Do not overfill the SHO Food Flask. Be careful when opening when hot food/ liquids are inside the SHO Food Flask.



Cold for 18 Hours

Hot for 8 Hours

Premium 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel

Leak Proof, BPA & Phthalate Free

Comes with a small bowl

SHO Lifetime Guarantee

Not suitable for dishwasher or microwave

Food Flask Dimensions

800ml - 21.5 x 10.5 x 10.5cm & 664g

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