Ailsa on beach clean

Ailsa joins the plastic-free revolution. Step 1: beach clean.


My name is Ailsa and I am 9 years old. My mum runs The Green Turtle. Our family has been trying really hard over the last few months to try to reduce how much plastic we use in our shopping and lifestyles. On this page I'm going to share my eco-friendly ideas and activities with you. I hope you enjoy them.

I thought I'd start with our beach clean activities. It always upsets me to see lots of plastic on a beach. I have seen loads of pictures of sea life being trapped by the plastic we throw away and some of it lasts in the sea for years. I think if I can remove even a small amount of the plastic from the beach then that will be a little less that can damage marine life!

This picture was from our beach clean in Portpatrick, on the south coast of Scotland. Dad managed to pull out this huge pipe that was half-buried in the sand. It felt good to go back the next day and see how much cleaner the beach still looked. It's great fun and satisfying to do a beach clean!

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Ailsa x

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