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About us

I'm Lorna and, like many people, I have become increasingly concerned about the volume of plastic and the amount of chemicals in our day to day living. In recent decades, convenience and the desire for quick benefits have led us to a point where we're seriously damaging our planet and also our health.

But we all have busy lives. It's hard to avoid plastic and make different choices when you have a million other things to do. It's impossible to be perfect! This is why I set up The Green Turtle. We aim to provide you with choices to make eco decisions easier. You'll find alternatives to lots of your day to day products, whether that's beauty items that avoid plastic packaging and use natural ingredients, or kitchen products that do the job whilst helping you feel better about your impact on the environment. We are continually building our stock so check in regularly to see what's new. 

My daughter Ailsa, along with many 10-year olds, engages with environmental issues and has fully embraced our change to a reduced waste lifestyle. It's so encouraging to see young people embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Read her blog - she'd love to hear from you or your children too.