Our packaging

Our delivery to you:

Our environmentally friendly products will be delivered to you in eco-friendly packaging. We don't use plastic wrapping or tape. In fact, you will likely find your delivery is packaged in a box with protective eco-friendly packaging that is on its second or third life! When we receive products from our suppliers, we keep all the packaging for reuse in our own deliveries and also accept donated packaging for reuse. Everything is secured with recyclable paper tape.

This may mean your parcel doesn't look as pristine as it would look from other shops. It may also have a spot of plastic tape attached from its previous life! If we spot your order looks like a gift e.g. is being delivered to a different address, we will aim to package that in a new box. Please do contact us if you'd like to make sure any orders are packaged in a new box.

Please do consider the environment and reuse our packaging where possible, and compost or recycle it if you can't reuse.

We use Royal Mail for our deliveries and so print out address labels ourselves onto recycled and recyclable paper and attach it to your parcel using paper tape. This means no plastic sticky labels. The confirmation slip inside your parcel is printed on the same sheet of paper as the posting label so no paper is wasted. This also lets us pop a little handwritten note in with your package!

Product packaging:

We source our products from suppliers who have the same values as us, so all our eco-friendly products avoid plastic in their packaging, and are delivered to us in packaging that does this too.

Very occasionally, some products include very small elements of plastic but our suppliers aim to minimise that as much as possible and are sourcing alternatives for the future. Where small amounts of plastic exist in the products, we believe overall the item is a better one for the environment.