Contact lens recycle scheme poster

Contact lenses recycle scheme


I went to the opticians with my mum today and noticed this on the wall. Did you know you can now recycle contact lenses and single-use contact lens packaging? I read somewhere recently that lots of people flush their contact lenses down the toilet. When they make it into the sea, they can hurt fish and other sea creatures. 

I'm not quite sure what they make from the recycled lenses but it must be better than what happens to them just now! 

My mum found a Sir David Attenborough quote (I love Blue Planet!) that I think is very true: "It’s absurd to suggest we can do totally without plastic but there are so many areas where we use plastic without a thought”. The more I look around, the more I see people often using plastic without a thought, because it's easy, convenient and cheap.  But I love that awareness is increasing on some things that we previously took for granted. 

Ailsa x


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