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Mum's top tips on reducing plastic use

Mum shared with me some simple swaps to plastic-free alternatives!

🌲Remember to take your own shopping bags with you to avoid the need to take plastic bags (or to avoid juggling several items on the way out because you refuse to take a plastic bag!)

🌳 Invest in a reusable water bottle. Lots of cafes and bars now fill these for free, and free water stations are popping up all over the country!

🐢 Avoid plastic wrapped meat and fish by taking your own containers to the butchers or fishmongers. Some larger supermarkets like Morrisons now allow you to do this too.

🌎 Avoid plastic straws - just ask for no straw when ordering or carry your own (for you and a friend).

🌿 Invest in a reusable coffee cup. Not only can this save you money on lots of coffee shops, it can also be used for takeaway soups or for water (if you’ve forgotten your bottle!).

All of us making a small change is what can make the difference!


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What you are doing is admirable. I discovered your site this evening when i was seqrching for ethically sourced products. It is hard to buy plastic free items, it demands a but more effort. i am trying myself. I will revisit Green Turtle. Good Luck!

Stephen Cassidy

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