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At The Green Turtle, we carefully select suppliers who share the same values as us, and who produce fantastic eco-friendly items we know our customers will love. These are often small, UK based businesses with real people working hard behind the scenes to develop and lovingly handmake sustainable products. 
This blog series spotlights our suppliers. Find out more about who they are, their sustainable products and what goes on behind the scenes!

Image showing a selection of Moonie eco products


Moonie are a mother and daughter due with a passion for helping consumers make more sustainable choices.

Moonie's mother and daughter duo Kia and Karen
We were delighted to be one of Moonie's first suppliers and love their range of handmade, beautiful and sustainable items for the home. Their range is growing all the time so check in regularly to see their new creations!
We asked Kia at Moonie some questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm Kia, and along with mum Karen, we are a Dorset-based business handmaking everyday eco essentials.

Kia at Moonie with a display of eco products
We had become frustrated in 2012 with the lack of eco-friendly and sustainable products available in the market at a reasonable price. Often they weren't very eco at all on closer inspection! So we decided to start making our own. After both becoming unemployed back in 2020, we decided to take the leap and set up business together. Moonie was an idea of ours over 10 years ago, but it took the pandemic and a lot of courage to follow our dream.
Together we have taken our passion for sustainability, love for handmade, and desire to make a real difference to create a brand with purpose. Living a zero-waste lifestyle doesn't need to be perfect, but we want to make it easier for people to swap to plastic-free and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

How did your product range begin?

Muslin cleansing cloth

The muslin cleansing cloth was our first product, designed as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic face wipes. 11 billion wet wipes are thrown away every year, most going to landfill as they are not compostable or recyclable.  This item gently removes dirt and make-up whilst stimulating circulation to help improve skin tone and texture. The triple-layered cloths are handmade using 100% unbleached muslin, and can simply be popped in the washing machine after use. They even get softer over time, and can be composted at the end of their life.


How have things evolved over the years?

We have since expanded to now create over 27 reusable products, made from sustainable materials and ethical ingredients. Some highlights include our range of eco-friendly products for the home (including our reusable bin liner and kitchen waffle cloths), for yourself (including super-soft konjac sponges for face and body) and for beautiful gifts (including our eco beauty trial gift set and our eco grooming gift set)!

 Image showing a selection of Moonie eco products

Tell us more about the impact of your products?

We carry out an annual impact report so we can assess and share the impact that we, together, are having on people and the planet. In our first year, we were incredibly proud to have:

  • Saved over two million single-use make-up wipes from landfill
  • Avoided five million single-use cotton pads going to landfill
  • Repurposed our fabric waste to launch our Zero-Waste collection of reusable products
  • Partnered with local schools to reuse their paper waste
  • Welcomed 85 stockists across the United Kingdom
It's great to see so much demand for eco-friendly and sustainable products, but there is still much more to do.


Tell us about Neil!

Moonie's mascot Neil nestled in amongst Moonie eco products

Neil Moonie is our mascot, created to inspire and engage a younger audience to think about sustainability and green living. Some items come with a Neil charm, to remind us every day to think sustainably.





Find out more

You can find Moonie's fantastic eco products here. Find out more at Moonie's website


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