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Bamboo toothbrush standard
Bamboo toothbrush standard
Bamboo toothbrush standard
Children's toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrush standard

Plastic Phobia
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Plastic toothbrushes take thousands of years to break down. Choose an alternative with this environmentally friendly toothbrush made from bamboo, which is natural and biodegradable. It is a great option if you want to move to a quality bamboo toothbrush at a cheaper price.

The children's option has soft bristles with a shorter handle, perfect for smaller hands.

Useful info:

  • The bristles are nylon 4. This material naturally breaks down in months. The grip is sustainable, organic bamboo. These materials help lessen overall plastic usage.
  • The bristles are fine and medium/firm. It does not irritate sensitive gums but it cleans out cavities thoroughly!
  • Our bamboo toothbrush is lightweight and plastic-free so travel-friendly.
  • Regular plastic toothbrushes can get mouldy, but bamboo is naturally bacteria-resistant. Thus, it has the ability to limit bacteria growth that leads to moulds.
  • With proper care, you can even make it last longer: Store it properly, avoid leaving it soaked in water, let it dry.
  • It is crafted for easier grip and more efficient brushing.
  • It comes in cardboard, recyclable packaging.



Adult: 17.2cm

Children's: 14.3cm

Why not try a standard bamboo toothbrush with toothpaste tablets to make brushing your teeth completely zero waste?

Plastic Phobia offer environmentally friendly products and supply chains. Most products are made from organic bamboo. Whilst the bamboo is produced in China, they offset the carbon emissions of transporting their products and require their suppliers to use minimal or plastic-free packaging. Bamboo grows extremely fast, meaning it is easily replaceable and uses minimal resources as it grows organically.



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Hi Kim, thanks for your review. We’re delighted you’re so happy with your toothbrush and our service!
Bamboo toothbrush
Thanks for your review Fiona! Glad you love your eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush.