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Cleaning drop - The Green Turtle
Cleaning drop - The Green Turtle
Ocean saver cleaning pod antibacterial
Ocean saver cleaning pod bathroom pomegranate tide
Ocean saver cleaning pod rhubarb coral
Ocean saver cleaning pod kitchen orange sunset
Ocean saver cleaning pod multi apple
Ocean saver cleaning pod multi lavender
Ocean saver cleaning pod anti bac
Ocean saver cleaning pod bath pomegranate
Ocean saver cleaning pod floor rhubarb
Ocean saver cleaning pod kitchen citrus
Ocean saver cleaning pod kitchen orange
Ocean saver cleaning pod multi lavender
Ocean saver cleaning pod wood floor almond
Ocean saver cleaning pod glass cleaner
Ocean saver cleaning pod kitchen cleaner and degreaser Citrus kelp

Cleaning drop

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Oceansaver drops are innovative new eco-friendly home cleaning products. The concentrated, water-soluble pods are simple to use and have been developed using plant-based ingredients. Affordable and effective cleaning in an eco-friendly way!

Simply drop one pod into an empty bottle, fill with water and shake to create a new, ready to use cleaning spray.

How to use the ocean drops: Just three steps - drop, shake and clean! Place one Ocean Drop into a clean 750ml bottle and fill to the top with water. Screw the spray-top firmly and shake. Now you're ready to go.

Oceansaver is committed to finding affordable solutions without compromising on quality or effectiveness. They take an innovative approach to all their products and packaging, ensuring they use the latest in recyclable and biodegradable materials. By using Oceansaver refill drops, the retailers will transport less water, which means fewer trucks on the road, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

By reusing your existing bottle, you are extending the serviceable life of the trigger bottle. This not only reduces your plastic waste, but prolonging the life of the bottle reduces the energy which would have been used collecting, recycling, refilling and redistributing the pre-filled trigger spray. Since most trigger sprays are made up of 90% water, the Oceansaver drops eliminate this and deliver the active 10% straight to your door.

Each Oceansaver Drop includes a highly concentrated plant-based cleaning solution in a dissolvable film. The drop is made from PVOH, which is a water soluble and biodegradable polymer that completely degrades into CO2 and H2O. It does not generate Micro or Nano plastics in the environment.  In contact with water PVOH (Polyvinyl Alcohol) breaks down into naturally occurring elements which already are present in the environment.

The drops are designed to have maximum cleaning efficiency at 750ml, but they can be diluted in any bottle size between 500ml and 1L.

Always store pods in a safe position away from children and pets until ready to use. Each pod has its own individual compartment, so the box can be placed in a safe location until you need to use the next pod. Once diluted, the product is entirely safe to use around children and pets.

Easily cuts grease and grime

Totally biodegradable

Plant-based ingredients, vegan

Lab tested, efficacy proven



Suitable for septic tanks

Available in lots of options to meet your cleaning needs:

Anti-bacterial (Ocean mist): Keep your surfaces sparkling and free from bacteria with this award-winning anti-bacterial power cleaning EcoDrop™. Proven to destroy 99.9% of bacteria, this anti-bac drop creates a powerful antibacterial spray that will give great results from the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond. It’s even got the Good Housekeeping tick of approval.

Multi-purpose (Apple): Eco-friendly and plant-based, this pod works as well in the bathroom as it does in the living room. Your go-to multi-purpose cleaning spray for the daily spruce up that leaves a fresh and fruity fragrance drifting through your home.

Multi-purpose (Lavender): As above but leaving a calming scent of lavender drifting through your home.

Bathroom (Pomegranate): Take the burden out of bathroom cleaning with the Power Cleaning Bathroom de-scaler EcoDrop™. It cuts through soap scum and tough limescale, leaving a burst of pomegranate fragrance and a long-lasting shine. The perfect replacement for your existing bathroom cleaning spray.

Daily kitchen (Orange sunset):  This orange daily kitchen EcoDrop™ is the handy go-to kitchen cleaning spray you find yourself reaching for every day for those regular spills and stains.

Kitchen cleaner and degreaser (Citrus kelp):  A kitchen cleaner that works to remove all traces of grease, grime and stains - functioning as a strong degreaser. The amazing citrus scent makes your whole kitchen smell amazing while also making it sparkle.

All-purpose floor (Rhubarb coral): Eco-friendly, pet friendly and plant based, the rhubarb all-purpose floor EcoDrop™ eliminates pesky spills and stains from any floor, leaving it gleaming with a subtle scent of fresh and fruity rhubarb. The ideal replacement for your existing floor cleaner or spray.

Wooden floors (Almond swell): Eco-friendly, pet friendly and plant based, the Almond Wood Floor EcoDrop™ eliminates pesky spills and stains from any wooden floor, leaving it gleaming with a subtle scent of almond.

Glass Cleaner (Sea spray): Streak-free windows and mirrors. Wipe away smears, streaks and stains.

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Great cleaning product
Hi Elinor. Thanks for your review on the ocean drops. Great point on the label - we'll feed that back to the company.
Such a great idea!
Hi Susan, thank you for your review and great feedback on the ocean drops. We’re delighted you love them!
Cleaning Drop - Kitchen cleaner
Hi KI, thanks for your review. We’re pleased you love the kitchen cleaner drop!