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Olive wood soap dish
Olive wood soap dish
Olive wood soapdish - The Green Turtle

Olive wood soapdish

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This natural olive wood soap dish is handmade in Germany. Each soap dish is different and unique as it is carved from a piece of olive wood. Made from a retired olive tree that produces no more olives.

This eco-friendly soapdish also has water draining holes. Rinse a few times before using to remove some of the natural oils.

Available in either a rustic version or rectangle.

Rustic: approx. 12 cm x 7 cm x 4 cm

Rectangle: approx. 11 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm

Each dish is unique with unique characteristics. Sizes and shapes vary slightly. Please rinse a few times before use to remove some of the natural oils.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Lydia’s present

Great service and lovely present for my son’s environmentally conscious girlfriend.

Hi Alison, what a lovely gift! We hope she loved it and glad you're happy. Thanks for your review.

Lovely dish

Lovely soapdish, good size as well, can fit a large bar of soap in. Has three drainage holes on the bottom so the soap doesn't get all congealed and I have put one of the soap rests underneath to catch what drains out so that my sink is kept clean as well.

Hi Lauren, thanks for reviewing the soapdish. We love the idea of putting the soap rest underneath! Glad you’re happy with it.

Nice soap dish

Bought two of the rustic olive wood soap dishes. They look very nice and the soaps I use fit them, only time will tell how they hold up to use, as with all olive wood items occasionally they will need a rub down with olive oil to maintain them.

Hi Sonya, thanks for your review of the olive wood soap dishes. We love the natural, unique look they have so are glad you love them too. As you say, they do benefit from an occasional rub with some olive oil to keep them looking lovely!

Great product!!

I love these. I bought three. They are great looking and useful. I rubbed mine with olive oil before use for shine and protection.

Hi Olga. We're delighted you love the olive wood soapdishes. We love that they're all a bit different given they're handcrafted. Thank you for reviewing them!