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Organic conditioning oil for skin, hair and scalp Lavender and rosemary
Organic conditioning oil for skin, hair and scalp Sweet orange
Organic conditioning oil for scalp, skin and hair Peppermint lime and
Organic conditioning oil for scalp, skin and hair Peppermint lime and tea tree

Organic conditioning oil for scalp, skin and hair

The Black Cat Soap House
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This natural, 100% organic oil is perfect for face, scalp and hair. Packaged in a lovely blue glass bottle and choice of glass pipette or aluminium lid, it is a perfect eco-friendly all-rounder.

Made from a blend of jojoba, argan, castor and apricot kernel oils., which are full of anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, and deeply nourish and moisturise skin and hair making it feel soft and healthy. Organic essential oils are also added for the additional benefits that they can bring.

The Black Cat Soap House have created their range of organic conditioning oils so that you can give your scalp some much needed love. A bonus is that the the ingredients that are so good for your scalp are also fabulous for conditioning your hair!

The Black Cat Soap House makes gorgeously fragranced and ethically produced soaps, shampoo bars, oils and creams. They are a vegan company and use only natural ingredients: pure essential oils for fragrance and no chemicals, preservatives, petro-chemicals or artificial ingredients. All their products contain organic unrefined shea butter because of its amazing skin healing and moisturising properties. Everything you will find in their products, except for the organic clays and pumice stone in some of their soaps, comes directly from plants and everything used is there because it is beneficial to you in some way. All the wrapping can be composted and/or recycled and their electricity is from 100% renewable sources.

Try matching with the rest of the vegan, organic range from The Black Cat Soap House.



100% organic and natural


Massage a coin sized amount into your scalp and hair and leave in for 10-15 minutes, or longer. For best results, leave on overnight. This will be beneficial to your scalp, condition your hair and the essential oils may give you a great night's sleep too. We recommend that you put an old pillow case over your pillow to prevent staining.

Wash your hair with a natural shampoo.  If you have put a lot of oil in, you may need to do a second wash before rinsing.

Alternatively, or in addition, if you have dry ends, you can rub a few drops through the ends of your hair after washing on damp or dry hair.

The amount you need to use for both methods will vary due to hair length and type. You will soon find out how much works best for you.


Take a few drops and massage into clean skin. It may seem strange putting oil onto oily skin but it can work wonders! This won't leave your skin feeling oily, Instead it will feel moisturised and velvety soft. 

If you are used to skincare which strips the skin of its natural oils (this is quite often how treatments work for oily skin) this may mean that your skin is producing even more oil to make up for it. If this is the case, it may take some time for your skin to rebalance its oil production and the result may be that your skin seems extra oily for a short while.

As with all products from The Black Cat Soap House, it contains no synthetic ingredients, petrochemicals, water or preservatives.


This oil comes in a beautiful, blue, glass bottle with a choice of lids:

- A simple aluminium lid (it has a small disk of plastic inside the lid to prevent leakage).
 - A glass pipette (which makes it easier to get small amounts out of the bottle. This is made from glass and plastic).

If you feel that the dropper lid would be useful, we would suggest that your first purchase is with the dropper and then purchase the aluminium lid option in future and reuse your pipette.  This will help save you money and also reduce the amount of plastic used. The Black Cat Soap House continue to search for alternatives that are completely plastic-free. 

Available in:

Lavender and rosemaryperfect for oily, itchy scalps and dandruff. Soothe your scalp and condition your hair. 

Sweet orange - good for all skin types, clarifying oily skin, soothing dry skin, revitalising dull skin and reducing the signs of wrinkles. It is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory making it perfect for those with acne, dandruff or other scalp conditions. It helps to improve circulation, which in turn may stimulate hair growth. It also smells sweet and fresh, can lift your mood and enhance your feelings of wellbeing. 

Peppermint, lime and tea tree - ​smells fresh with lime, peppermint and a touch of tea tree. ​Full of nourishing plant oils including jojoba and argan to deeply condition your hair and your scalp. Containing peppermint, lime and tea tree essential oils, specially chosen  for regulating sebum on hair and scalp, for soothing itchiness and for helping clear dandruff. This is also a great facial oil if you struggle with oily skin or acne.


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