Reusable bin liner
Reusable bin liner in use with leaves inside
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Reusable bin liner

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This handmade, reusable bin liner is a great alternative to plastic bin liners so is the perfect addition to any eco-friendly home. Great to use for rubbish, laundry, or storage - simply empty out and pop in the washing machine.

Waterproof, reusable, and machine washable, the bin liner is made with black PUL fabric which features a waterproof lining and a drawstring that allows the liner to fit multiple bin sizes and also allows you to hang the bag. Moonie have designed the liner with a handle on the bottom to make it easier to empty, and created a seamless bottom to help prevent leaks.

Each liner is lovingly handmade in Dorset. Available in three sizes.

To use:

Simply use like you would with a normal bin liner! When full, remove the liner, empty the contents into your wheelie bin and place the reusable liner back into your bin. If dirty, you can wipe clean or put in the washing machine on 40 degrees.  

Made from durable, locally-sourced PUL, the bin liner is much stronger than a plastic bag or compostable bin bags, and the corners are reinforced for extra strength. PUL is a hardwearing and waterproof fabric. It has has two layers - one of which has a layer of polyurethane, which makes the product water-resistant. 

The polyurethance is made from renewable materials (vegetable oil) rather than mineral oil - this is a much better option for the environment.  The material also undergoes a unique process which permanently melt-bonds the waterproof film to the fabric without any toxic solvents. 

Moonie are a small UK business, made up of a mother and daughter duo with a passion for helping consumers make more sustainable choices. Living a zero-waste lifestyle doesn't need to be perfect, but they want to make it easier for people to swap to plastic-free and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Moonie's products are lovingly handmade in their studio in Dorset. They create research-powered products; ensuring each item, fabric, thread, and label is environmentally friendly, reusable, recyclable, and of course, beautiful too. Check out Moonie's full range.

  • Machine Washable
  • Waterproof
  • Seamless Bottom
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Wipeable 
  • Vegan


15 litres: 40(w)x35(h)cm 

30 litres: 40(w)x70(h)cm

80 litres: 70(w)x95(h)cm


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
reusable bin liner

I bought this as an environmentally conscious alternative to plastic bin bags. It would have been perfect but unfortunately I misunderstood the sizing and it is far, far too small for the bin I wanted it for. The 40cm width is not a diameter as I had expected because the bag is completely 2 dimensional with no gussets. I will use it instead as a travelling bag for shoes or dirty/ damp laundry.

Thanks for your review and feedback on the reusable bin liner, and hope you still get lots of use from it as a travelling bag - it will be great for that purpose.

Good product- I'm just not using it for its intended purpose

I got this with every intention of it being a bin liner.
But when I saw it I decided there was a much better use, as it is waterproof and washable.
I am using it to put my wet swimming things in, then the whole lot just goes straight in the washing machine.
It's great at keeping everything else in my gym bag dry, so I can't see why it wouldn't stop the contents of a bin leaking.

Hi Elinor, thanks for your review. What a great idea for the reusable bin bag! It will be perfect for that!